Filming the Resurrection...

11:09 AM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

Once again, we were down in the FT (Pratteln, Switzerland) filming material for the Resurrection. it was a marathon production, starting to build up the set at 2 in the afternoon. after many hours of work, we were prepared with a white room for filming. the band put in great efforts, filming till 6 am! Major shoutouts go to Walti (alias DJ OBL) for being among other things gaffer, best grip, special effects and lighting man...not to mention...comic relief :)

Kris Paganini not only provided top notch catering (the usual) but as well demonstrated her excellent filming eye and captured lots of magic. Pierre Micheal was also on the camera and made some great stuff as well, most noteworthy, material for the "spending money" clip. Claudio Plozza came by later in the evening to help with the lighting and to cool out the police...big thanx to the ENTIRE Paganini family for a successful night of, onto the cutting :)