Just a Devil Wanna Be

11:58 AM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

This One Soul track is a shout out to those who
walk the path of maintaining self respect! Zou!

Just a Devil Wanna Be

Woken up from the deep sleep of intoxication
Self gratification, fornication by the voice of reason
Enough of this shit
Slap myself up and crawl to the top of this bitch.
Watch as I walk the tightrope of life
Standing upright, not too loose, not too tight
No bending or breaking while my mind is waking up
Push my buttons and you'll be shit out of luck!

So Fuck Y'all with your bad attitudes
And Fuck Y'all with your low aptitudes
And Fuck Y'all we blow the 50 amp fuse

Now you Fucked with the rest now your Fucking with the best
As we stand casually, tragically haphazardly
Letting of a laugh like Muttley while you do the Dick Dastardly
With all your flippin' and trippin'
You take this shit like a hop, skip and a jump
But you only get one so make it a good one punk
'cause in this world mine will be done
So Fuck Y'all again, come on...

Indivisible, invincible, meta fuckin' physical
I perform the pagan ritual to manifest the invisible
Taken by the spirit 'cause I called it to be near it
And I never fear it
The legion of One Soul is like back in the days of old
You either put, shut the fuck up or bow down and fold
So lets get down to this fuzzy sound and let the tale be told.

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