ZouZouMamoux 'n One Soul

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Back in 1979 in Rockaway Beach, New York, A group of mad individuals known as aCid5 were making the rounds dealing in contraband and causing terror at large from Brooklyn to Manhattan in a loud '67 Mustang. Unknown to most this menacing collection of misfits would be at the forefront of electronic music as we know it today. At a time when radical ideas such as using tape machines and garbage cans generally placed musical byproducts in the "Punk" genre, aCid5 broke the mold and traversed racial differences and musical styles with their bizarre mix of twisted beats, tape loops, distorted organ and angry chants playing punk venues, illegal parties, crack houses, etc all over the New York area.

As one of the last surviving members of aCid5, ZouZouMamoux has returned to his roots. Armed with a microphone, his trademark Black Hat and Together with his trusty side kick Bin Darling, They recreate those times when Zou would yell "Get 'em the Fuck up" into the mic and hands and guns would go in the air.

Above all else, One Soul brings us back to the time when a good "Hip Hop" was about getting up off your ass and slamming to the groove. Sadly missing in today's music scene, One Soul wants to bring the party back to the live scene and exterminate the cockroaches of posers, elitists, snobs and bring the scum of the slum to the top! One Soul is a triumphant story with a positive energy and message to share!

We invite you to listen to and see the latest material from One Soul and get in touch with us so we may come to your town and Raise it up!