2nd coming of the Resurrection

1:33 PM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

well...after the last entry and further evaluation of the Resurrection...we decided it was not the vision we intended to achieve. therfore, I returned to Fribourg and did a complete remix of the album. It would actually fall under Re-Produced the album, as their was nothing wrong with the original mixes, it was more over the presentation of the material. The final result, a powerhouse, very wide and clean rock production. we then went once again to Glen Miller who did an outstanding job of mastering the "new" version. the Resurrection is NOW complete...

a MAJOR shout out go to Dom Torche of Relief studios (www.relief.ch), who, thru his undying desire to keep his customers happy, provided us with all the studio time we needed to achieve our goal...UNHEARD OF my man...YOU are the MAN!!!