Paganini Live in Thun

3:35 PM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

Rock is Alive and Well (despite what some people say...) and the Evidence was plain to see in the Factory Club in Thun on Saturday Night (april 26)! Chain Reaction did a great job of warming up the crowd and at Midnight, Paganini hit the Stage. Despite the fact their was no sound check or line check, the band came up, plugged in and let 'er rip...Diego gave his usual balls to the walls performance. New Bassist Roger "S" Hammered the 4 string Gibson Firebird and the girls were all happy. Dale Powers was yelling about not having a tuner on stage but the fans didn't seem to mind, as he managed to continually tune after each smash of the flying mic stand on the tiny stage. Marco Paganini gave a rousing performance...He was flanked by about 30 fans up front of the stage wearing vintage Paganini memorabila and all were in full support of their main man....the Bad boy of Rock and Roll Live in Thun, Switzerland!!! A great night, and a Great club....!!!