Return of the HOTRODFUX

12:03 PM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

Live in La-Chaux-Des-Fonds, Suisse...the FUX were rocking last night in the Dublin! after a small gig break, the boys were back yesterday to an over full house in the Suisse Romandie...! Joey Fulco had it all going on in a Frank Sinatra hat, giving the people a real taste of New York High-life...plucking and crooning his heart out. Brother Lou-E got a chance again to break out his vintage Ludwig set and give his best Ringo meets Keith Moon nitrous hotrod beats. the Reverend Dale Powers was in rebel rouser mode working up the crowd inbetween his over extended cat killing guitar solos...major shout outs go to Natasha for being acting manager and crowd control....Alice for offering us a place to stay and do whatever we want anytime, the gang from Texas (Liz in should have played that guitar girl!), the mystery woman with the wolf tattoos, pascal for inviting us to record at his studio for free whenever we want, the gothic gang who submitted to hot rod rockabilly in the end...the bouncers for breaking up all the fights the FUX started with their music....and the whole Dublin team for their extra hours cleaning up all the broken glass and stuff...VIVA LE FUX!!!!!!!!