Down goes the Piano...

12:45 PM / Comments (0) / by zouzoumamoux

In 27 years of touring around the world playing music, i have yesterday witnessed for the first time what happens when a leg gives out on a grand piano...and all i can say is that it is an amazing site. by the grace of HIM, no one was hurt, which of course gives it a comical edge. While performing the first song of the night, Dale Powers, slightly in trance, heard a big bang followed by the sound of crashing glass. as is normal, the music continued when all of a sudden it was apparent that the keys were on a 45 degree angle. the bar man quipped "don't stop playing" and, still not aware of the actual event, the buffet help quickly lifted the front of the piano, propped it up with some beer cases, swept up the glass and proceeded with their serving drinks. a very surrealistic moment passed in a flash. a big hats off salute goes to mannfred and the team at gallileo's but, sorry discreet as it was, i think the people noticed....although i give you an A for effort by not acknowledging the fact that it went belly up. after the PA system blew up however, it was obviously the wrong night for boogie woogie...sorry i left an hour early...but hey, maybe no one noticed that either...hehe