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Born in Rockaway Beach, New York City, Zou started playing piano at the age of 5 years old. By the time he was 11, he stopped taking formal lessons, in favor of teaching himself the Rock and Roll that was always playing on the family stereo. Captivated by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Etc, He spent all his time teaching himself the songs of his new idols….

At the age of 15, desiring to play with other musicians, and due to the limitations of the piano (their were no electric pianos in those days!), He switched to guitar to be more mobile. After one month of owning a guitar, He performed at New Yorks famous “CBGB” club and found his place in the explosion called punk rock, blending the roots music he loved with the furor of the punk era. Upon joining the band "Mistaken Identity" however, His musical interests turned more to hardcore punk and the anti-music movement.

In time, He came into contact with the a group called the “Roustabouts” who were searching for a replacement guitarist for founding member Lee Tobia. This band, fronted by “Stray Cats” brother and artist in his own right, Gary Setzer, opened vast opportunities for him as a musician, as well as returning him to his roots rock and roll orientated style, which included years of touring as opening act for bands like B52s, Robert Gordon, Marshall Crenshaw, and numerous big bands of the day, as well as a large following of their own in their native New York.

After falling to personal problems of his own, He reunited with The Roustabouts after a long pause to come to Europe. The breath of fresh air that this move provided was a major springboard for much musical output...

At a concert by blues entertainer Errol Dixon, Dale was inspired to resume playing piano. He quickly found that the European audience held very fondly the music of his childhood and a new career was re-born. He formed his own group, and began touring Europe playing various nightclubs and festivals. It was in Ascona, Switzerland, at the New Orleans jazz festival, that He was introduced to the likes of Professor Longhair, Champion Jack Dupree, Dr. John, etc, which pointed his style into a new direction. Fusing American roots music with the second line feel, Dale perfected the rolling boogie-woogie style he is known for today, which he continues to enjoy at numerous jazz and blues festivals (Montreux Jazz Off, Honky Tonk, New Orleans Ascona, etc..) and night club appearances.

Aside from Rock and Blues, Zou has always been interested in exploring various musical styles. in the early 90's, He became interested in the modern technology evolving in the musical world and created output under various guises. The pre-acid jazz craze formation "Incantations" was one of the early major sampling works of the time, a collaboration with Swiss Techno pioneer BFree, featuring BeBop legend Benny Ross on saxophone,

CrossroadStanding, a collaboration with Norwegian Punk Drum legend Runnar "Kula" Johannessen was an exploration into the dark side of Norse mythology fused with shamanistic drumming and chants, which enjoyed number one and top ten status on the original in the World Fusion section for close to a year.

By the end of the 90's, He had returned from Norway to live in Switzerland and started his own studio, continuing with electronic music technology and resuming the identity of ZouZouMamoux. As his musical style took a Darker Trip-hop approach, He was commissioned to create the soundtrack for the Mammut Sport-wear released film "Timing", as well as the exhibition and promotional music for Kjus Sport-wear. Excerpts from these works can be heard in various chill-out sounds of today as they have been resampled and recycled by various artists. The original collective works, entitled "Liber 1:11" are due for release in fall 2008 (512 Liber 1:11).

It was in 2001 that Dale was reunited with Marco Paganini thru the suggestion of prior producer and guitarist "Vic Vergat". Having known each other socially 10 years earlier, they both welcomed the idea of a collaboration. This was the birth of the current "Paganini" lineup which resulted in the release of "Esoterrorism". Upon performing live together in support of the CD, Marco and Dale noticed the fans reaction to the new material and fine tuned the classic Paganini tracks to match the intensity of their current output, much to the fans approval. The result of this was the CD "Resurrection", which is the first release on their own label "PaZouZouRecords", distributed by NL Records (a subdivision of MTM Music). Having toured in Europe (2006) to promote this release, they are currently working on their new full length work entitled "Medicine Man" (Released July 2008).

As Producer ZouZouMamoux, Dale continues to effect the music world with diverse releases. The recent release of the Mr. Symarip CD ("The Skinheads dem a Come", Liquidator Records) is all the rage on the Ska scene, and is released in Europe, the U.S.A as well as Japan. No surprise, as Roy Ellis, the voice of "Skinhead Moonstomp" is one of the originators of Ska music, having sold millions of records, and together with the rest of "Symarip", are one of the most covered Ska bands of all time.

Currently, He is continuing his production work at 3times3 for various artists and performing live under various guises. Among them is ZouZouMamoux 'n One Soul...the collective output of his journey where anything and everything can happen and normally does....


1979 - Resisters "My Heart Bleeds/All Hell Breaks loose" 45rpm/TonySt.James Music
1980 - Mistaken Identity "Promised Land" EP, Independent, NYC
1988 - Dale Powers "Alone" EP, Noize Prod., Switzerland
1989 - Roustabouts "Alive in Atlantis" Memo music, Germany
1990 - Tea for Two "Slave" Big Z records, Germany
1991 - Henneken "Bessesen" Rough Trade, Germany
1992 - Tea for Two "The Pain Remains The Same" Mega Peng, Switzerland
1993 - Greasy Kid Stuff "Sexy, Druggie, Rock and Rollie" Noize Prod. Switzerland
1994 - Incantations "Raising the Dead"
1995 - Thrashing Dixie Angels "From Jazz to Blues", Live at the Ascot
1998 - Crossroad Standing "Medicine"
2003 - Timing (The Movie) DVD Soundtrack, Mammut Sportswear
2003 - Paganini "Esoterrorism" Tyrolis Music
2004 - Kjus Ski-wear Exhibition Soundtrack
2005 - Paganini "Resurrection" PaZouZou Records
2006 - Mr Symarip "The Skinheads dem a Come", Liquidator Records
2008 - Paganini "Medicine Man" PaZouZou Records
2008 - Mr. Symarip "Shine, Shine, Shine" (single) , Liquidator Records
2008 - ZouZouMamoux "Liber 1:11" (512 Liber 1:11 = Gone Digital!)